Yoga Burn Review

Everybody wishes to have a slim body figure. We all want to remove all the excess fats in our body, especially in our belly area that lowers our self-esteem. Good thing, various products and even programs are now available for purchase online such as the Yoga Burn program or also called as Her Yoga Secrets. However, it is worthy of your money? To help you out, this review has been created.

Who Created This Program?

This program that is intended for women was created by Zoe Bray-cotton. She is not only a yoga instructor for she is also a certified personal trainer as well as a fitness expert. She has been spending most of her time teaching people different Yoga forms and styles in various Yoga studios and gyms in the area. She has also changed the lives of many people, especially in North America as well.

Pricing and Payment Options

Before we proceed to the things that this program offers, let us first discuss its pricing. After all, although we want to have a tiny belly, we still want to find a solution to our problem that still fits our budget. Zoey offers you 2 options to choose from. The first one includes an instant access to 1 digital download and 1 complete physical collection that is available for just $37 plus the shipping and handling fee. On the other hand, the second one costs $57 plus the shipping and handling fee that includes an instant access to 2 digital download and 2 complete physical collections. The payment can be done through PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover.


• It is easy to follow

As compared to other instructors out there, Zoey speaks in a calm manner and the instructions that he gives are not confusing as well. In addition to that, she always acts it out and with the fact that it comes with a follow along video, there is not even a need for you to keep your eyes glued on the screen as you follow it. With that, you would be able to focus on performing the yoga position and relax instead of taking a glance at the video every singe time.

• It utilizes dynamic sequencing

With dynamic sequencing, you would be taught how to perform each yoga movement properly as well as how you would be able to adapt it easily. Then, as you get used to it, there would also be an increase in the challenge as far as precise body movement is concerned and as you perform it as recommended, you would soon be able to get the feminine body shape that you have always wanted to have.

• It allows you to lose weight naturally

While some may encourage you to take pills or supplements, there is no need for you to take any with the Yoga Burn. In fact, it offers you a way to lose weight naturally, unlike other methods of losing weight that may pose risk in your health. Also, with this program, there is also no need for you to spend so many hours in the gym for you can simply lose weight in the convenience of your own home.

• It is good for your overall health

Apart from it helping you tone your body and lose weight, the program is also capable of providing you benefits for your spiritual and emotional health. After all, yoga is an exercise that allows the people who are doing it to relax and eliminate the stress that they have in their everyday lives. With that, you would surely feel happier after you have completely finished the program while enjoying your slimmer belly.

• You would never be bored of it

Unlike other programs, the Yoga Burn program has 3 phases that are well laid out. Also, you would not have a hard time doing it, as you would be guided by the 15 videos that are includes in the package. So, as your body and mind continues to guess what the next move would be, you would surely never be bored of it, allowing you to achieve your desired results.

• It is safe to you even when you are pregnant

It is a known fact that pregnant women should be careful with every move that they make, especially as they are carrying a baby inside their tummy. However, the Yoga Burn is safe even for pregnant women. In fact, it also contains bonus videos called “The Tranquility Flow” and “The Beginner Flow”. These are videos that are ideal for pregnant women to watch and to follow throughout their pregnancy stage. Not only that, a list of modifications for the first trimester of pregnancy is also included.


• It is intended for women only

Yes, it’s only for women and so, this is not a program for the entire family. Also, for men who wishes to try out yoga to lose weight, then they can just search for other programs that are more suitable for them.

• It is not capable of providing you your desired results fast

If you truly wanted to lose weight using this program, then there is a need for you to invest not only your money but also your time in it. You also need to have the motivation and perseverance to continue the program for after all, it would take you weeks or even months to attain your slim belly. After all, you are still losing weight in a natural way and so, you shouldn’t expect results to occur in an instant after just one session or after just doing a few yoga poses.

• It is most suitable for newbie

If you haven’t tried yoga before, then you might enjoy this program. However, if you have already been doing yoga for years already, then you might find the phases of this program too slow. So, it would be safe to say that this program is not for everybody. If you truly wanted to lose weight without taking pills, then you should definitely try it out. After all, you wouldn’t know how effective the program is unless you try it. However, you need to be willing to spend your money for it as well.