About Lifecom

LifecomInc. has developed an entirely new form of artificial intelligence technology to provide knowledge, quality assurance and safety for medical practitioners of all skill levels at the point of care.

The Lifecom System brings the best available medical knowledge and judgment directly to the point of care no matter whether the point of care is an individual’s home, a community outreach facility or a medical clinic. The individual or medical practitioner uses an intuitive interface appropriate to their role and training. The System “thinks” the way a medical practitioner does. Patient information may be entered in any order or sequence and the system was designed to handle situations where information is incomplete. A wide range of data types are used by the System including past medical history, current complaint, symptoms, physical examination findings, laboratory studies, and radiology results.

The built-in artificial intelligence provides diagnostic or management possibilities, based upon the available data, then poses relevant questions needed to complete the clinical picture. Lifecom’s artificial intelligence technology is unique in that both qualitative and quantitative analysis is performed. Patterns of illness that can only be gleaned from observations over time, often from seemingly unrelated variables, are identified. The entire “reasoning” process, including thosediagnoses that were ruled out, is automatically documented.

Continuity of care is critical in medicine and the Lifecom System provides it by considering every detail of the patient’s stored history collected from many sources – the individual, care teams, lab reports, clinic notes, and hospital records. The System is able to assist a user in determining what historical data is relevant to the current clinical situation. The user can ask the System why a particular diagnosis was considered or why it was not. Alternatively, users can enter a presumed diagnosis and the System walks them through a “second opinion” process. At the completion of a patient encounter, the System generates a complete narrative of the encounter that can be shared with other members of the care team. The built in decision engine safely elevates the Scope of Practice of all members of the care team: Medical Assistants, Registered Nurses, Physician Assistants, and Nurse Practitioners. Encounter data from any source is stored in an incredibly flexible and secure record format that can be used in future assessments, provide predictive modeling and prevention strategies based upon an individual’s risk profiles, or to support population-based assessments and interventions.

Lifecom is revolutionizing medical informatics

Lifecom is the first portable medical software system built from the ground up to focus on the most important aspect of medical care – clinical cognition. It is the only system that anticipates error reduction mandates for which every medical practitioner is accountable. It is the only system that captures patients’ history, medications, symptoms, exam findings, laboratory results, vital signs, and imaging and processes it with advanced artificial intelligence. Unlike existing Electronic Health Record (EHR) products, Lifecom’ software does far more than store data. It tracks, processes, and automatically presents all relevant clinical considerations to the proper member of the health community at the exact moment that the knowledge can do the most good.

The Lifecom System utilizes a unique user interface that redefines the interaction between a user and clinical data management. Images of skin conditions, animations of visual auras, skeletal images that include every bone and other intuitive graphic screens take the place of written text reducing descriptive ambiguity, improving the accuracy of data capture, and speeding assessment process. Data and free text notes are entered as if writing on paper, and “electronic ink” is saved in the record for both legal and data entry verification purposes.

Lifecom improves the accuracy and timeliness of medical diagnoses while reducing the cost of health care, increases access and convenience of care. Lifecom has developed a robust electronic medical diagnosis, management, and record system powered by proprietary artificial intelligence technology, software tools to capture medical knowledge, and a standardized clinical lexicon. The System involves the individual in his or her care, improves the productivity of physician extenders, automates the creation of patient encounter documentation, and reduces administrative burdens of care. Lifecom provides the only scalable technology that is capable of bringing knowledge, quality assurance and safety to medical practitioners at all skill levels.