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The Art of Medicine is the Love of People

We care for your well-being and do our best to promote high quality certified medicines for numerous health conditions. We mainly focus on ED treatments. However, the range of services and products includes more items in addition to our regular men’s health-oriented groundwork.

Our Area of Work

  • Over-the-counter (OTC) drugs without prescription;
  • ED treatments (Canadian Pharmacy Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Kamagra, etc.);
  • Women’s sexual healthcare products (Pink Female Viagra);
  • Asthma drugs;
  • Semi-synthetic antibiotic drugs;
  • Dermatologic medications;
  • Treatments for breathing problems;
  • Pluripotential antibiotics (such as Ampicillin);
  • Baldness drugs;
  • Generic antidepressants;
  • Stomach pills;
  • Autoimmune condition and inflammation treatments.

Canadian Viagra & Premium ED Drugs

Erectile Dysfunction is one of the most embarrassing men’s health issues. It’s hard to speak about it out loud and not every man is able to simply get to one of the local drugstores for a pack of ED pills. This condition may appear in every age because of the countless number of reasons. We’re ready to keep you away from this inconvenience. In addition to the smart and intelligent price aggregation system, we’re ready to provide you with professional advice 24/7.

Generic ED Drugs are Trustworthy

Generic Viagra is a cheap alternative made up of the components from the same family of medications. Of course, you’d better have a medical check-up before you purchase a pack of these magical pills to exclude allergies or any personal intolerance. If your physician allows you to take this or that ED medication, taking generics with the same composition and effectiveness is acceptable. You’ll have the same effect and a more cost-effective solution.

Drugs like these perform similarly: they increase the flow of blood in the penile area causing stronger erections and improving your sexual stamina and performance. Besides, it revives your male sexual confidence and adds up to the intimate life with your partner.

Don’t forget that Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Kamagra and others from the series are used not only for men. We proudly introduce you the Pink Female Viagra that stimulates the flow of blood in the vaginal area increasing women’s libido and leading to impressive orgasms.

Over-The-Counter (OTC) Drugs Save Your Health & Budget

OTC drugs deal with the most common health conditions. Quite a lot of them turn out to be even more effective than the original brands. They have the same basic ingredients, but preparation methods may vary. Latest generic medications are created with constantly developing pharmaceutical technologies and they are no worse than the original meds.

OTC Meds PROs:

  • They cost a lot cheaper than brand drugs;
  • They are accessible and can be purchased 24/7 every day of the week, and anywhere you might want them;
  • They reduce the cost of your health improving it without your physician’s help;
  • They have complete official certifications as well as the original ones.

The fundamental thing to keep in mind about OTC meds is that they save your money. In case if you already know what medications you need but have no time or possibility to visit your physician, you simply get a pack of meds from one of the online pharmacies and enjoy yourself.

Generics vs Prescription Medications

Keep in mind that generics copy the original brands in everything: components, dosage, and area of use. They have the same side effects and risks. What makes most people hesitate about these pills is the price – it’s significantly lower in comparison to the ones commonly prescribed by your physician. How come?

Why are they cheaper if they are the same?

The manufacturers of generic drugs don’t have to invest in marketing. They only spend money and efforts on the research and scientific development. The drug will be sold as long as it works – the manufacturers don’t need to advertise it worldwide, because the buyers are looking for generics themselves.

What about the quality?

The manufacturers of generics use the same FDA regulations for their meds. They are as safe as their brand counterparts.

Are they really effective?

There’s a popular misconception about generics: they take more time to beat your condition than branded pills. FDA standards have regulations here as well. They accept generics on the market only in case if their effectiveness is proven to be the same.

Does it mean that they are identical?

They mostly are. However, there may be a little difference in shapes, colors, and inactive components in the structure. This is explained by the laws of the trademark. No one is allowed to copy branded products entirely. It’s the same with clothes, food, and electronics. As a result, your pills look different, but the medicinal effect is the same.

Artificial Intelligence as a Tool

We have used knowledge and experience of medial pros and innumerable laboratory studies of our associates to create a built-in artificial intelligence for our website. This system works on the base of a bulk of medicinal data. It manages to generate a perfect solution for your issues basing on your personal medical history, existing symptoms, and complaints. Information about your current complaints and progress is accumulated in the base and used for the further development of the system. It becomes wiser with every customer.

We Guide & Guard

Best medical specialists are at your service in case if you need professional tips or if it’s your first time you try generics. Our staff members include:

  • Stephen J. Datena – an experienced trauma surgeon;
  • H David Silverman – a financial analysis professional;
  • Corey Lederer – a Lifecom knowledge engine analyst;
  • Bob Beck – our database designer and technology development director;
  • Larry Gray – our product development director;
  • Bart Lonchar – the builder of a medical diagnostic system.

We are ready to set up everything starting from competent advice and finishing with rapid delivery of the meds straight to your door. We offer high-end Canadian Viagra, a large selection of ED treatments and general healthcare generics.

Trust your Health to Online Pharmacies

We want to assure you that Lifecom online canadian pharmacy has everything for your robust health starting from breath-giving asthma drugs and finishing with confidence-restoring Canadian Viagra. Our specialists know all aspects of Erectile Dysfunction in all ages. Feel free to share your personal information through the website and get your unique prescription right away!

Lifecom Online Pharmacy PROs:

  • Lower prices;
  • Instant access to all drugs;
  • Certified OTC meds including ED drugs and general healthcare medications;
  • Confidentiality;
  • Free professional online advice;
  • Accumulation and deep analysis of your health-related information on a regular basis;
  • Regular bonuses and coupons;
  • Newsletters with favorable offers for loyal clients;
  • Shipping insurance;

We offer true costs of healthcare. We help you cope with your conditions virtually and practically. We help and encourage. We help nature heal you faster and effectively. Feel free to contact us and ask any questions.

Lifecom’s Clinical Features:

  • Diagnostic recommendations to reduce the incidence of missed diagnosis
  • Diagnostic refinement questions
  • Intuitive, graphically-rich data entry interface
  • Reduces cost and time required for documentation
  • Improves communication between the clinician and patient through the use of graphics and multi-media
  • Documentation of decision making process
  • Integrated lifetime patient medical record
  • Ability to integrate with traditional EHRs
  • Disease management

Lifecom’s Business Features:

  • Billing coding with a robust audit trail
  • Improved physician efficiency through better utilization of physician extenders (nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses and medical assistants)
  • Malpractice insurance cost reduction
  • Facilitates practice methods being mandated by payers and Medicare:  P4P – Pay for Performance
  • Improved continuity of care